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Migrate Confluence HTML Macro from Server or DC to Cloud

If you are planning to migrate to Cloud from Confluence DC (Data Center ) or Server and currently use HTML Macro in the on-premise version, this page will guide you through the migration process.

HTML Macro is included in Confluence DC and Server, but not in Confluence Cloud. This is why we built an app: HTML Macro for Confluence

The HTML Macro in Confluence Cloud is a bit limited compared to DC or Server versions. This is because apps in Confluence Cloud are by default sandboxed and rendered within its own iframe to make them secure. In on-premise versions, app macros are rendered in the same page context and have greater permissions.

That means the macros from on-premise are not 100% compatible. Therefore, we suggest users to try the migration in a sandbox instance or test environment before doing it in production.

This is the migration path for migrating HTML Macro from DC or Server to Cloud:

  1. Migrate Confluence from DC or Server

  2. Install HTML Macro from Atlassian Marketplace

Migrate Confluence from DC or Server

Atlassian has excellent guide about migrating from DC or Server:

In short, you can use Atlassian developed Cloud Migration Assistant tool and it does an excellent job.

In this step, you can simply not worry about HTML Macro as it is Confluence built-in macro, contents of the macros will be automatically included in the migration.

Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

Once the migration is complete, you can now go to cloud site. You will notice that HTML Macro is displayed as unknown macro: 'html'.

HTML Macro in Confluence Cloud just after migration

Install HTML Macro for Confluence

You can now go to Atlassian Marketplace and install HTML Macro for Confluence.

Simply click Try it free and follow the process. Give it some time, and once the installation is complete, go back to pages where HTML Macro was used.

HTML Macro migration to Cloud is complete 🎉

HTML Macro in Confluence Cloud after app installation

If you need any help, let us know. You might also be interested in HTML Macro Security

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