Currently, Issue Template for Jira - Summary & Description Templates has some known limitations. We are constantly working on to improve this app and these issues and limitations will be fixed whenever possible.

1. Access prompt when creating an issue

After setting up the templates, when users try to create an issue, they will be shown a prompt to authorize issue-template.

Access prompt when first time using the app

We know this is annoying and a bad UX. Unfortunately, this is caused by the underlying Atlassian API we use to build apps. This is not limited to our app. Fortunately, Atlassian is going to fix this issue soon (end of Q1 2023) and the prompt will be completely removed. You can also follow the Atlassian ticket tracking in Trello.

For now, please inform users about this prompt and the mysterious issue-template.

2. Jira Work Management (JWM) & Jira Service Management

Issue Template for Jira only works in Jira Software, as extension point provided by Atlassian is currently limited to this project type.

In the future, Jira Work Management & Jira Service Management (JSM) will also be supported.

3. Looks like Template is applied to all Issue Types

Once a template is applied, if you change to another issue type, the existing template persists if the new issue type does not have a template.

Keeping the text when changing issue type is default Jira behavior. We understand that this is confusing to users and are trying to fix. Unfortunately, it’s been a quite difficult. Until we find a reasonable fix, please use the workarounds below.

Workaround I: An workaround some users are using is that you can create empty template for other issue types. It’s not a great workaround, but can work if the issue above is confusing for your users.

Workaround II: Another option is that you could put a short instruction in description field to inform users to use the template for certain issue type only. An example template instruction would be:

⚠️ Please only use this template text for Task! Other issue types don’t have templates.

Issue Template workaround II

Issue Template workaround II

4. Jira instances with IP Allowlist

Jira Cloud Premium customers can enable IP Allowlist feature to limit Jira access to a limited set of trusted IPs. This unfortunately breaks the apps, including Issue Template for Jira. There is currently no workaround apart from disabling IP Allowlist.

Fortunately, Atlassian is already aware of this issue and working on a fix that will be released in Q1 2023. You can check the ticket in Forge issue tracker.

5. Subtask and creating issue from outside create form

Issue Template currently only supports creating an issue using create from, opened from top menu or using shortcut command c because of Jira API limitation. This also means Subtask issue type is not supported.