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Troubleshooting Guide

LaTeX Math for Confluence has known issues and possible workaround. Please go through this list before raising a support ticket.

1. Formula is not rendered, just shows black

When entering TeX formula, you might sometimes see black box instead of rendered formula like below:

Math macro render issue

This is most likely caused by unsupported or wrong syntax. You can test the TeX syntax in official MathJax demo which gives better error message.

Unlike in the app, you need to wrap TeX with $$ symbols in MathJax demo!

You can also refer to complete reference here:

2. Line break / multi-line equations

If you need to add newline/line break in equations, you can use \displaylines for this purpose.

For example:

\displaylines{x = a + b \\ y = b + c}

It will be displayed as:

LaTeX Math for Confluence line break example

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