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Upgrade to Paid Version

We release some apps in Atlassian Marketplace initially as free apps. We might change the pricing model and only offer the new versions as paid apps.

We need to do this in order to cover our server fee as well as maintenance and further development costs including new features, bug fixes, security issues etc. Likewise, we also provide support for all our apps which takes significant amount of time.

Charging small fee allows us to continuously invest time and effort to improve our apps.

What happens to the free version I installed?

When pricing model changes, we will give enough time to upgrade. During this time, you can still use the free version. However, you will eventually need to upgrade to paid version.

Free version might have the following limitations:
  • May contain bugs, can have limited features (or some features might be disabled).

  • Slower speed/performance as free versions are hosted on smaller servers.

  • Low priority for support requests as paid customers have higher priority including security issues.

Once upgrade time is over, you will need to purchase valid license to use our apps. Admins for Jira or Confluence can easily update license from Settings > Manage apps.

Pricing change is covered in our license agreement here. If you have any feedback about licensing, please let us know. You can contact us via email:

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