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Access prompt, templates limit and major upgrades

Date: July 10, 2023

Marketplace version number: 3.0.0

We have worked hard to improve Issue Template for Jira and as a result this version brings major changes in the way the app works.

This release is a major version. That means Jira admins must manually update the app from Top Nav → Apps → Manage your apps

1. Per user access prompt is removed

Until now, all users had to go through the allow access process before using templates as documented in Known Issues and Limitations.

This required access flow is completely removed and users will not see the prompt anymore.

2. Not limited to 100 templates anymore

The initial version of the app (V1) had 100 templates assignment limits. Many customers hit this limit, as one template could be assigned to many projects, easily reaching the 100 limit.

We are happy to announce that 100 templates limit is removed.

3. Major UX upgrade

Based on user feedbacks, we have made major UX improvements and simplified the overall template management.

Issue Template for Jira V2 - Templates Overview

Issue Template for Jira - Template Assignment

The old V1 page will still be available initially, along with V2. Though, we recommend users to upgrade to V2.

One distinct change apart from UI/UX is that a template is not fixed to Issue Type like in V1. This means users will have more freedom to model templates as they wish. This also creates a pathway for an upcoming feature: multiple templates per issue type.

We also consolidated the template management to make it easier, which means project templates are removed.

How to upgrade to V2?

This is a major release, which means Jira admins must manually update the version. They can do it from Top NavApps → Manage your apps. Note that 3.0.0 is the Marketplace version number for this release, so version number should be updated to 3.0.0 or greater.

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