Using Issue Template for Jira - Summary & Description Templates, you can define Issue Templates with issue summary and description fields. These fields will be automatically pre-filled with the template when Jira users create an issue.

Creating an Issue Template is easy.

  1. Go to Project Settings → Apps → Issue Templates

  2. Click on Add Template and an add template window will open.

Issue Template for Jira - Add template

Issue Template for Jira - Add template

You can currently add one template per issue type. The template name and issue description fields are mandatory, whereas the summary field is optional.

optional.  Issue Template for Jira - Template create window

Issue Template for Jira - Template create window

Using Issue Templates

Once Issue Templates are created, they will be automatically applied and pre-filled for all users when they try to create a new issue from the Create button on the top menu.

If users change the issue type, the corresponding template will be applied.

Issue Template for Jira - Bug template example

Example Bug template on Jira Issue create window

If you want to deactivate a template, simply go back to project settings and delete the template.

Manage Templates

Use action button () to edit the existing templates or delete them entirely if a template is no longer needed.

These templates above are limited to one project. If you are looking for reusable templates across projects, please refer to Global Issue Templates.