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Math Formula & Equations in Confluence

You can use TeX(LaTeX) syntax to write math formula & equations in Confluence pages with LaTeX Math for Confluence app.

Once installation is complete, you can go to any Confluence page and add math contents.

Follow these step by step guide:

  1. Open Confluence page editor or create a new page

  2. Type /math to open Math macros from the app and select one (see screenshot below)

  3. Enter the math formula in TeX syntax and hit enter or save

That’s it. Your formula will be beautifully rendered in the page.

The app has three macros which can be used according to your needs.

LaTeX Math for Confluence Macros

Easy Math - LaTeX Inline

This inline macro allows embedding math formula inline next to other content. This is handy for short expressions and units.

LaTeX Math Inline Macro

Easy Math - LaTeX Block

As the name suggests, it renders formula in new block and creates newline in the page. This is better for larger equations.

LaTeX Math for Confluence Block Macro

Easy Math - LaTeX Block L

This macro is the same as block macro, except it will open a large input box for entering TeX. This is better suited if you have a very large block of TeX that is not that easy to edit and view with other two macros.

So, this is recommended macro for large equations and expressions.

LaTeX Math for Confluence Block L Macro

If you find any issues while using the app, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide

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